SeaRaft Extends Your First-Class Facilities

SeaRaft creates and provides some of the best multi-use inflatable platform types worldwide; using high-quality materials and a well-regulated European-centered manufacturing system, our inflatable platform and yacht toy extension products are used by yacht captains, cruise charters, and boat lovers all over the world.

Our inflatable platforms have a fantastic range of use that make them perfect for any of your oceanic needs, including our inflatable swimming platform, which can be attached to the rear of your boat as a yacht toy extension, providing you with the perfect space to enjoy a sunny day lounging amongst the ocean waves or as a diving platform into the bright blue waters of the sea. 

Safe Docking

Our inflatable swim platform models can also be used to provide vital protection to your yacht on active ocean days, working as an inflatable yacht tender and providing you with a safe haven to park recreational watercraft like jet skis and Seabobs without having to worry about the risk of a speedy docking causing significant paint or craft damage.

Our special Air Sand Timer Connection System can be used to interconnect all of our inflatable platform models and so create the perfect inflatable swim platform area with space for a sea pool as well as jet ski docking capability. 

Unparalleled Versatility

The vast maneuverability, durability, and elegant design of SeaRaft platforms mean that you can create countless different types of inflatable swimming platform zones that are perfect for any group of yacht passengers while also providing charter captains with peace of mind by acting as an inflatable yacht fender.

With inflatable platforms that are 25% lighter in weight than any of our competitor’s models, moving and using multiple SeaRaft inflatable platforms is easy to handle for crew members, thanks to our custom storage bags.


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